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Labradorite slab, great color $75_edited

Large Labradorite slab with great fire.


Natural Amber Rough_edited.jpg

Large Rough Amber 


Brown Tourmalines (Dravite)_edited.jpg

Brown Tourmaline


Medium polished garnets $3 each.jpg

Medium Polished Garnets 

$3 each

Polished large garnets, $10 each.jpg

Large Polished Garnets

$ 10 each

Fossil Ammonite pairs $7.50.jpg

Fossil Ammonite pair

$ 7.50 for pair

Two amethyst points $7.50 each.jpg

Amethyst/quartz points

$7.50 each

Celestite from Madagascar $40.jpg



Medium Labradorite slab $30.jpg

Labradorite Slab


Rainbow moonstone rough.jpg

Rainbow Moonstone Rough Per Carat

Sold out

3 carat rough chrome diopside_edited.jpg

3ct Rough Chrome Diopside 


Australian Crysophrase.jpg

Australian Crysophrase Rough


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